Drawings and comics

A group of modern art lovers gazed at a white canvas set upon an easel. “What soul — superb!” a woman gushed. “A major breakthrough!”

“The canvas is white because it hasn’t been painted on yet,” Pablo whispered disgustedly.

— Donald J. Sobol


On the Subject of Vomit, and its Application in the Field of Modern Art

A man improves a piece of modern art by vomiting on it.

The Safety Tree

Ordinary trees aren’t safe! A salesman gives a pitch for a tree genetically engineered with new safety features.

The Speed Detector Screams

A town installs a speed detector with the intent of sending the police after anyone speeding. But…

The Icelandic Magical Staves

A series describing some of the “magical staves” found in Icelandic grimoires and documented by the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft.

Large Molasses Cookies

An old family recipe for molasses cookies, illustrated for the “Just Add Ink” comic cookbook published by the Cartoonist Conspiracy.

Other drawings

A Compilation of Fantastical Sketches

Pencil sketches with colors altered digitally.

The Birthplace of Patrick Pearse, in the Time of the Sniper

A sketch I made on a trip to Dublin, with an exciting backstory.

The Lake Street Bridge, as Seen From Eastcliff; to which is added, a Self-Portrait

Me along the Mississippi River near Eastcliff.

I Feed the Gulls at Grand Marais

Me at the breakwater in Grand Marais, where enormous flocks of seagulls will hover around tourists in search of food.

Mill Ruins

Ruins of the tailraces of water-powered mills, immediately below the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis.